The cause of the site keywords no ranking

Many friends to do the foreign trade website, set the key words, only to find that always cannot be search engine included, in my this sums up the causes of keywords doesn't rank.
1. No keyword analysis
Keywords direction is not clear, keyword configuration is not reasonable, the ranking result is bad, invest a lot of capital, low rate of return, for these are not words problems, these problems are fatal.
2. The regular changes of the TITLE page
TITLE is the emphasis of search engine matching keywords, search engines rely on TITLE tags for cutting word, word segmentation index, this is the most primitive stage emphasis in search engine rankings, while the search engine has built up by leaps and bounds in technology development, the dependence on the TITLE is a key point to improve the user experience, so that can be coupled with the emphasis on the titile keywords (but should be clearly identified), such as frequent change the TITLE, search engines as cheating, so change the TITLE carefully.
3. Collecting a lot of articles
If in their foreign trade website appear a large number of highly repetitive articles in the Internet, search engine will not give a good ranking, a large number of collected articles on the site there are also a significant impact, which does not have substantial content, brought bad browsing experience to the user, search engine left a bad impression, also brought a lot of risk to the search engine optimization (seo).
4. Website to make the pursuit of beautiful
Aesthetic pursuit of foreign trade website, atmosphere, beautiful, beautiful, all of these are tacky. Clear and concise page can give the user a good visual experience; The use of a lot of pictures, too much flash page size is too large, page loading speed is slow, at a discount greatly website usability; Bad navigation USES images for links, search engine recognition site structure.
5. A large number of duplicate page titles
The name of the page title equivalent to a web page, KEYWORDS are relatively web "features", the description is a description of the page. Website optimization to help the difference between a search engine site any two pages, reduce the number of page similarity, so the advice issued for each product, try not to do the same title
6. Multiple sites link to each other
Foreign trade website home page is the highest weight, is also the most easily available keywords ranking, most webmasters are placed in the home page for a large number of popular keywords, due to the location of the home page is limited, far can not meet the requirements of numerous keywords, many webmaster have done a lot of satellite station, will be part of the popular keywords separated, it is an act of interference with search engine rankings, search engines also took some measures to such conduct, such as spin new sites ranking time, sand box processing for new website; Through the information collection and analysis, certain punishment processing station group website.
7. Lack of inbound links
A lot of foreign trade web site optimization work, problems are included, check that it is not hard to find, many of them are lack of inbound links. In the Internet, web pages and web page through the link to establish the relationship between, if there are no links to web sites and outside, there is no link becomes an island site, search engine cannot know the existence of the site. So, it is recommended that the exchange links with other web sites, to each big BBS, b2b registered accounts, as much as possible to leave your site, guide the outside chain.