Must learn to keep a spider to do SEO optimization

 Search engine spiders mainly to grab web content in a system call most webmasters are called spiders, for site do SEO optimization we should learn how to attract a spider to visit our website for more scraping of the page.
A, a pre-emptive strike
Believe search engine spiders for new sites are not too cold, since a lot of the early stage of the novice webmasters website is need spider grab can eventually included increase, if the spider a few days or weeks are not to crawl your site then we will be able to pre-empt to guide the spider come to our website, we can go to some more hot weight higher site BBS for some keywords and links to message, so that effective outside the chain, generally high weight site is very frequent basically you the voice of the spider to down you can see the spider's web site has climbed into the crawl your site.
Second, prepare fresh daily "food"
Search engine spiders are compared to a web site has its own unique style and features and site his own original content, as long as the first spider in your website content then grab it wants after many days it will be very frequent in repeated crawling on your site and grab the new content, so we must master every day to update the original content in order to feed the spider, only in this way the spider habit will naturally many times every day in your web site to browse and crawling, over time the website weight and number of features and snapshot update time will all improve.
Three, outside the chain for the emperor
Many webmasters know site outside the chain of how important it is to the development of web site, a site's ranking or a large part of all is that the question of outside the chain and an efficient chain also is very important, can we go to the A5 adsense, Chinaz, laggard these weights is known and relatively high webmaster BBS to issue their own site outside the chain, so the spider can very good effective to boot.
Fourth, the importance of the link
Believes that many webmasters are not pay attention to the exchange of friendship links, there are many webmaster to use to buy high weight link to drive the overall site weight and spiders crawl, since we chose to exchange friendship link then collected more snapshot, not more than seven days, webmaster can exchange links updated daily site.
Fifth, to spider a smooth road
I believe that for many novice webmasters don't know the site map system, site map is mainly to search engine spiders to use to create a site map, contains all the pages connected. Keep update. It helps the spider into each page. In the main page to put a text link to site map.
Since we want to do SEO optimization webmaster so must be holding a spider visiting time and law, we have to do is to have your overall site to do the most perfect until the spider's visit. So we went up in baidu's ranking naturally, our site's ranking is natural rankings, is relatively stable.